The Unexpected Storm Jonas (Images)

My classes got cancelled last Friday, and today (Monday). Snow days! Growing up in Mexico, this was a completely new experience for me. And to be honest, I was very excited. The following pictures were taken on Sunday January 24. In the morning, after being locked in the apartment for days, we decided to take … Continue reading The Unexpected Storm Jonas (Images)

El Elefante y La Nieve (Snow Elephant)

Me encontré estas imagenes mientrás navegaba por el huffingtonpost, y no pude evitar trata de un elefante en un zoológico en Alemania... I just happened to find this article on the huffingtonpost, about this elephant in a Zoo in Germany, with these pictures...and I could not stop the big smile on my face that … Continue reading El Elefante y La Nieve (Snow Elephant)