The Unexpected Storm Jonas (Images)

My classes got cancelled last Friday, and today (Monday). Snow days! Growing up in Mexico, this was a completely new experience for me. And to be honest, I was very excited.

The following pictures were taken on Sunday January 24. In the morning, after being locked in the apartment for days, we decided to take the camera with us, and explore the neighborhood while enjoying the scenery – and refreshing cold air.

While walking, I observed people digging out the snow from the record-setting snowstorm. They tried to remove it from their front doors, and their cars. People were trying to clean the main avenues too, but the parks looked intact – and beautiful.

In this post you will find some pictures from the neighborhoods of Glover Park and Georgetown in the DC area.



Ps. If you would like to use some of the following images for personal or commercial purposes, please send me an email. Thank you!  

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