Querida Viajera *Coming soon!*
Storytelling through responsible travel.

Red PROLID – BID (2017-2020)
I am currently in charge of strategic communications of the Women Leader’s Network RED PROLID, which include: social media storytelling, community management and engagement, website content, newsletter innovation and blog editing. Red PROLID

Through her eyes (2018)

I developed a series of short interviews to women who fight corruption all over Latin America. Transparency International

Women on the map (2017)
I was the Blog Editor for the Women on the Map Project. My role was to bring women’s voices to the table through our website, and especially work with collaborators from the Latin American region. Women on the Map

Transformaciones (2014-2016)
I was the founder of the Georgetown’s Latin American Studies student run online publication called “Transformaciones”. After founding the blog, I worked as the lead editor of the blog. CLAS Blog

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