EN East Goes West: Mexico, A Tale of Two Borders / 100 Reporters
ES  Las dos puertas de México / Proceso
ES “Somos la mayoría”: la marcha de las mujeres en Washington DC / Huffington Post

EN Christmas Time Means Loads of Peculiar and Delicious Dishes for Latin Americans / Global Voices
EN Fidencio Sanchez’s Inspiring Story Highlights the Best of Social Media—and the Plight of Latino Immigrants / Global Voices
EN To be successful, let failure be our muse / The Beeck Center
EN Challenges Women Face in Managing Public-Private Partnerships / The Huffington Post

ES Impresiones de una extranjera acerca de Uruguay / En Perspectiva
ES#DerechoalaComunicación: una conversación con la periodista Javiera Olivares / Transformaciones Project
EN Snuq’ Jolom Konob’: Mind of the people / Transformaciones Project

EN Controversy surrounds Mexico’s famed street food culture / Journalists 4 Transparency
Maptia: El mapa más hermoso del mundo / Animal Político
EN 4 Women Journalists Defying the Odds in Mexico City / Global Voices & NACLA 

EN Tips for reporters covering natural resources extraction / IJNet
EN ‘Las Patronas’ Receive Human Rights Award for Work Feeding Migrants / Global Voices
ES COP18: El verdadero impacto de las negociaciones del clima / United Explanations
ES #COP19: La cumbre hambrienta de la ONU / Adopt a Negotiator
EN COP19: Fasting For The Climate / Global Voices
EN Lost in a literate-designed-world / Future Challenges
EN YoViajoPara: Why do Latin Americans Travel? / Global Voices
ES Los héroes anónimos de las protestas en Turquía / United Explanations
EN Small Islands with Big Resistance / YouthClimate & Global Powershift
ES Los Retos del Periodismo de Investigación en México / IACC Young Journalists Initiative
EN Human Rights Activists Hone Digital Skills in 2013 Empowerment Lab/ Global Voices
EN Coca-Cola: Globalization in the Modern Mayan World / Future Challenges
EN Hand-made Crafts: Survival in a Globalized World / Future Challenges
EN The Day of the Dead – a shot of new life for the Mexican economy /Future Challenges
EN Mexico’s Social Media Love Revolution / Global Voices

ES Se premia al periodismo de investigación en América Latina / Transparency International 
EN Climate Change Crisis: Cheap Today, Expensive Tomorrow / Future Challenges
EN Everyone Wants to be the New Mexican President / Global Voices
EN Spanish Youth Look for Jobs in Mexico / Future Challenges
EN Jobs Inside Kenya’s Largest Slums Future Challenges 
EN Interview: Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director Greenpeace International / IACC Young Journalists Initiative
ES La corrupción crece en el silencioIACC Young Journalists Initiative
ES Entrevista: Roberto Perez-Rocha, Gerente Superior de la 15IACC / IACC Young Journalists Initiative
ES Latinoamérica actúa contra la corrupción / Animal Político
EN Mexico: Central American Mothers in Search of Missing Migrants / Global Voices
EN Mexico: Writing from Jail / Global Voices
ES Curitiba, la ciudad más verde de América Latina / Animal Político
EN 5 Highlights from “Making Youth Policy Happen” / Youth Policy British Council
EN Mexico: Embroidering for Peace / Global Voices
ES Los 5 Mejores Momentos de: “Hacer la Política Juvenil una Realidad” / Youth Policy British Council
EN Mexico Wins Historic Football Gold Medal / Global Voices
EN True Knowledge Is Not Only in Classrooms: Mexican Native Environmental Leader / Think Brigade Magazine
EN Crossing Borders For Health: Mexico and the USA / Future Challenges
EN The Police, A Mirror of our Society? Why is police in Latin America corrupt? / IACC Young Journalists Initiative
EN When Corruption Bites you: What does it mean to give a “bite” in Mexican slang / IACC Young Journalists Initiative
ES México: Jóvenes que SI hacen algo / Adopt a Negotiator
ES Rio+20: Se acabó / Adopt a Negotiator
ES G20 y RIO+20: Juntos, pero también revueltos / Adopt a Negotiator
ES La voz del Amazonas es una mujer / Adopt a Negotiator
ES Video: Jóvenes Latinoamericanos en Rio+20 / Adopt a Negotiator

EN Mexico: Reactions to “Racist” Remarks on BBC’s Top Gear / Global Voices
EN Mexico: Indigenous Rights Advocate, Bishop Samuel Ruiz, Dies / Global Voices
EN Mexico: The “Sistine Chapel of Crystals” / Global Voices
EN Mexico: Tweeting About Violence With #RedMexico / Global Voices
EN Mexico: The Three King’s Cake Celebration / Global Voices
ES COP17: El Recuento De Los Daños / Adopt a Negotiator
ES La COP de las mujeres / Adopt a Negotiator
ES Video: Avances de la COP17 / Adopt a Negotiator
ES Video: Semana 1 en la COP17 – Andrea Arzaba / Adopt a Negotiator
EN Latin America Speaks Up! / Adopt a Negotiator
EN How to Measure Success in Durban? / Adopt a Negotiator
ES El país del arco iris / Adopt a Negotiator
ES México en la COP17 / Adopt a Negotiator

EN Street Musicians: Musical Migration in Madrid / DI News
EN The Other Mexico: Indigenous Life and Regional Migration / DI News
EN Building Bridges: The Intellectually Disabled in Mexico / DI News
EN Mexico: Celebrating Day of the Dead / Global Voices
EN Spain: Mexicans Blogging to Feel at Home / Global Voices
EN Mexican Cuisine Declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO / Global Voices
EN Mexico: The Lerma River is Dying / Global Voices
EN Mexico: Monarch Butterfly Migration in the Americas / Global Voices
EN Mexico: The Choir of Acteal Sings for Peace and Justice / Global Voices
ES México: Interrogantes sobre la COP16 / Adopt a Negotiator


MTV Voices (2014)

Women and Travel Summit (2014)

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