The Anonymous Heroes of the Protests in Turkey

(Spanish Version here) In Mexico, there is little talk of the demonstrations in Istanbul. People around me commented on the way in which the Turkish youth were protesting to defend a park, to avoid having a mall built in its place. There was also talk of the violent measures used among the police and the … Continue reading The Anonymous Heroes of the Protests in Turkey

Los héroes anónimos de las protestas en Turquía

En México se habla poco sobre las manifestaciones en Estambul. Las personas a mi alrededor comentaban sobre la manera en la que los jóvenes turcos estaban protestando para defender a un parque, para evitar que se construyera un centro comercial en su lugar. También se hablaba sobre las medidas violentas utilizadas entre los policías y … Continue reading Los héroes anónimos de las protestas en Turquía

Some thoughts (and images) on #RepublikaFest 2013

If I could describe REPUBLIKA Conference in one sentence I would use: a melting pot of hyperactive digital natives that dare to envision (and act) different. Last week (18-20 July) activists, artists, new media makers, academics and young people in general, interested in innovation for social change and that work towards decentralization in their own … Continue reading Some thoughts (and images) on #RepublikaFest 2013

Small Islands with Big Resistance

Her complete island is only 3 meters above the sea. Her hometown is in latent risk of drowning by the rises of sea level. This would not only mean forced migration for her family and complete community but also the loss of their identity, of their houses, of their land. Her voice breaks when speaking … Continue reading Small Islands with Big Resistance

4 Things I Learned From AdaCamp SF

Last weekend I attended the first “unconference” of my entire life: The Ada Camp in San Francisco CA. This event brought together a diverse community of women – and a couple of guys, for them to discuss concerns women have in common, across open tech and culture fields. I was not sure if the camp would … Continue reading 4 Things I Learned From AdaCamp SF

15IACC #Anticorruption Coverage / Cobertura de #Anticorrupción 15IACC (Brasilia, Nov 2012)

Después de pasar una semana en Brasilia cubriendo la 15ava Conferencia International de Anticorrupción, les presento un resumen de toda mi cobertura ¡Espero les guste y puedan dar su opinión sobre el tema! (Textos en español y en inglés) After spending one week in Brasilia covering the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference, here's a summary of … Continue reading 15IACC #Anticorruption Coverage / Cobertura de #Anticorrupción 15IACC (Brasilia, Nov 2012)

Human Safaris: Unethical Adventures?

Yesterday, when I was reading the news, an article that got my attention was Human safaris may be banned, but still tourists flock to Andaman Islands  The Guardian (From the article ... "There is widespread agreement that this volume of interference with the Jarawa's nomadic, largely insular existence can only hasten their demise.") Humm... Human … Continue reading Human Safaris: Unethical Adventures?