Urban Gardening in Washington DC

My first approach to urban gardens happened a couple of weeks ago, at the Neighborhood Farm Initiative in Washington DC. We were planning an activity outside of the university for my Environmental Peacemaking class, and we decided to volunteer in the organization near Fort Totten.

At the city garden, we met Caroline Selle, who is the garden manager. She shared with us her experiences on how she started gardening in the city. It was interesting to hear how much it helped her find peace. It was also fun to listen how she took care of her favorite vegetables while they grew. She helped us get a better experience by showing us how innovative agriculture projects can help create community in urban areas.

Personally, I enjoyed that activity very much since it was my first experience helping clean, plan and understand urban gardens. I felt so inspired and connected to the food I consume that I am sure it won’t be the last time I visit the farm initiative.

Here are some pictures of that day:

Urban Gardens DC 1

Urban Gardens DC 2 Urban Gardens DC 3

Urban Gardens 4Urban Gardens 5Urban gardens 6Urban Gardens 7Urban Gardens DC 7

(Andrea Arzaba, April 2015)

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