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Me siento muy afortunada. Mis pies vuelven a despegar este fin de semana…

Esta vez, Lisboa es el destino. Fui seleccionada como una de las ganadoras del concurso de BLOGGERS que escribimos sobre AGUA del Centro Europeo de Periodismo: THINK5. La siguiente semana estaré en Portugal, asistiendo a distintos eventos y actividades relacionados con el tema 🙂

¡Ya los mantendré informados!

(Andrea Arzaba, Abril 2011)

3 thoughts on “Lisboa

  1. Congrats, my friend!!! You deserve all the best in this world…
    I’ve checked some of your posts and loved it. I’d have liked to take part in TH!NK 5, but my time was so scarce. Anyway, make the best out of it. I’m sure in the future our paths will cross together.
    Also, I very much liked your new project with all those great women. A spearheading initiative indeed.
    I miss you so much…
    All the best to you and your family (hugs for your Papa) =D

  2. Dear Luan! Thank you very very much for your words…really I am so happy to have amazing friends like you, and you are right, I am sure our paths will cross soon 🙂 meanwhile keep on working for that masters in Germany 🙂 I wanna hear the good news soon!! xo

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