My Green Posts!

Hello my dear readers!

I would like to introduce you to some of the last posts I have been writing on ECOLOGICAL MATTERS!

1. One Talking Tree? Yes! He is located in Belgium…Learn more about a very creative way on how to connect nature with human beings.

2. Sadly but true, Lerma: A Dying River in Mexico

3. One miraculous migration between Mexico, US and Canada : Monarch Butterflies

4. Have you ever heard of the term TRANSGENIC or GENETICALLY MODIFIED food? Is this always BAD? Learn what is happening in Mexico, and what people are saying about it!

5. “If the Climate is Changing, why DON’T YOU?” BioFashion 2010 Walkway in Mexico

6. And FINALLY, when ONE IMAGE can say it ALL! Climate Change Cartoon

Thank you for your comments and your support!

Andrea Arzaba

One thought on “My Green Posts!

  1. Bien Andy!!! 😀 estaría cool!! que pusieras que haces tu por el medio 😀 para que nos des el ejemplo!!! cuéntanos… andale siiiii


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