THINK 3: An Inspiration

I am posting the first article I wrote for the THINK3: European Blogging Competition. This event was held on the 22-23rd of March in Brussels, Belgium and I had the opportunity to be representing Mexico!

If you would like to know more about it:

And the link to get to the article:

“Journalism is human”
Guy Degen, panellist at TH!NK 3: Developing World in Brussels, Belgium.

TH!NK 3 is a blogging competition between journalists and writers of all ages and nationalities, that together are aiming for the same goal: write and communicate about different issues that are related with the developing world.

I believe that this initiative encourages us, as journalists and bloggers, to find new ways of reporting; trying to explain what is happening in our communities and that at the same time affects the whole globe!

As Marina Ponti, from the UN Millenium campaign, mentioned at the same event “We need to make a big buzz about this”. TH!NK 3 is a great opportunity for creating partnerships and participate as a global society, with a role as observers and being able to take advantage of the affluence and wealth of our own stories.

Now this is when it starts to get interesting: what should I start writing about? There are so many important topics that are central matters in every culture. Right now I am living in Spain for a couple of months, but I come from Mexico. This is very interesting since I can relate different subjects from one country to another, for example women status in government or education opportunities.

THINK 3 makes me believe in change, as an opportunity to communicate matters that are not being as covered as they should be.

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