My first peace camp reunion


I will tell you my adventure! I came to Spain a week ago from Mexico, I will be spending the next six months of my life here, studying a semester of my BA in Communications.

A few days before I left I got to know that one that Mickey was visiting Barcelona, so we would be in the same country! He arrived on the same day that I did, but I was going to be living in Madrid, and there is a seven-hour drive from one place to the other.

Shortly Gaby, another Mexican peace camper, introduced me to Ola, a polish girl who attended the event that happened before mine. Apparently she was going to be in Barcelona too!

In the end, luck was by my/our side since I managed to get to Barcelona for the same days. Some of my friends decided to join me to the adventure and when the day finally came, Ola was the first one to receive me! Later that night, we got to have dinner with Mickey…and this was the magical moment! We talked and talked for a long time, it felt as if peace camp was yesterday.

I will always remember that night, the first time I had a mini PC reunion. I really hope that every peace camper in the world will get the same chance to meet as I did..and maybe one day…not far away from today…we will all get together somehow, somewhere in the world.

Peace Through Understanding…always 🙂

2 thoughts on “My first peace camp reunion

  1. Thanks for the amazing night, conversations and the lovely time 🙂 I just loved it very much. I wanted to really spend more time with you. But I am sure (hope) that during your stay in Spain you get to visit other countries and we meet again! Or you may just come to Egypt – and Im sure you will enjoy it very much.. Love your blog.. As always, I do keep reading it, you write it in Spanish doesn’t stop me =)

    Peace & Love,

  2. So happy for you and your reunion!! pc reunions are the best 🙂 one day we will reunite too!! very nice photos of you all 🙂 xoxo

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