My journey as a 25-year-old traveler

I published this post last week for the Travel Go Girl Network. You can read the original piece here. I started traveling before I was “officially born”. When my mom was pregnant, she went with my dad to Cuba. They were enjoying a young couple’s life, saving as much as they could so they could backpack around the country. … Continue reading My journey as a 25-year-old traveler

Guess who will be the next “#WITS15 Poster Girl”

Thanks everybody for your votes and support over the last few weeks! I am very proud to say I was selected as WITS15 Poster Girl, representing female travellers from all around the world 🙂 Stay tuned for the next updates - audiovisual material and texts from this inspiring project! Andrea (May 28, 2014. Mexico City)

Small Islands with Big Resistance

Her complete island is only 3 meters above the sea. Her hometown is in latent risk of drowning by the rises of sea level. This would not only mean forced migration for her family and complete community but also the loss of their identity, of their houses, of their land. Her voice breaks when speaking … Continue reading Small Islands with Big Resistance

4 Things I Learned From AdaCamp SF

Last weekend I attended the first “unconference” of my entire life: The Ada Camp in San Francisco CA. This event brought together a diverse community of women – and a couple of guys, for them to discuss concerns women have in common, across open tech and culture fields. I was not sure if the camp would … Continue reading 4 Things I Learned From AdaCamp SF