COP 16 Here I come (COP 16 Allá Voy)

A mis queridos lectores,

Escribo este pequeño post para informarles que he sido invitada dentro del programa Adopt A Negotiator para asistir a la Cumbre del Cambio Climático (COP 16) en Cancún, en pocos días. Mi trabajo será el de reportear todo lo que pase durante el evento, asi que proximamente les pasaré algunos links en donde podrán leer mis textos.

¡Muchas gracias por su apoyo!

To my dear readers,

I write this short  post to inform you that I have been invited by the  Adopt A Negotiator project,  to attend the Summit on Climate Change (COP 16) in Cancun in a few days. My job will be to report everything that happens during the event, so I will be posting the links where you can follow me during the event and read my texts very very soon =)

Thank you for your support!


3 thoughts on “COP 16 Here I come (COP 16 Allá Voy)

  1. good luck querida ^^ actually u dont need good luck ’cause u are the chosen one ((: I also wonder about this event, yes ! you should totally share more links !!

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